The NAEOP and Foundation Boards are partnering to provide professional development opportunities for educational office professionals, to associations, organizations, school systems, and other educational entities not affiliated with NAEOP. The Partners Reaching Out program is offered to these entities at a nominal fee and is dependent upon their ability to pay. The NAEOP National Office in Wichita, Kansas, has information outlining this program and the cost. NAEOP members are available to offer the requested services. Interested parties may contact the NAEOP National Office at 316.942.4822 or at


 Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for professional development for educational office professionals (EOPs) not affiliated with NAEOP or the NAEOP Foundation.



The Partners Reaching Out program is designed to respond to inquiries of groups received by the national office and by targeting educational entities who also seek assistance from the national office. Consultant (presenter) must be a current NAEOP member. The fee structure will include all travel expenses for the consultant plus a speaker fee. The Executive Director will work with the requesting group to determine the cost. If a specific consultant is requested by the group (and this is not the most economical provider), the requesting group will be responsible for the entire expense of that consultant (including the speaker fee).



Workshops available from Board members can be reviewed on the Professional Development page.


 Request Form

PARTNERS REACHING OUT REQUEST FORM is available from the NAEOP National Office to be used for a business or association when requesting a presentation/presenter.

To request the services available through the Partners Reaching Out program, contact the NAEOP National Office.