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Professional Development

Cathy Eberle

The A, B, C’s of Team Building! - Basically everything we learned as youngsters has helped us to be part of a team, whether it was sharing our crayons or taking turns as the class monitor. The basic skills we developed then are the same skills that we use today as adults.  Sometimes we would prefer to get the task done alone, but soon found out it would be more fun to be working together with others.  This VERY interactive presentation will reveal just how important it is to be a member of a team, get the job done and have a positive result......and have a few laughs along the way.

Embracing Changes in Our Profession - or Not! - Our jobs are very demanding, diverse and constantly evolving. This presentation will look at the many aspects in our lives, both personally and professionally, we have had to overcome, and how we have embraced those changes...or not! We'll discover the most important words of personal and professional responsibility that we should be using daily. Are you ready for change?


Elizabeth Napolitano, CEOE
President Elect

When Generations Collide: Office professionals work with all generations of people who include students, parents, grandparents, and sometimes great-grandparents.  Every generation is raised with different moral values and disciplines.  We’ll take a look at what the differences are and how they affected the generations way of thinking and how we can learn to communicate in a more positive way with all generations.  

Learn How to Set Goals to Achieve Success:  Believe in yourself and you can do almost anything you set your mind to do. Learn to set goals to go forward to achieve success in your future. Achieving success is no longer a secret after you apply the principles that are presented. If you're looking for greater success in whatever you do - more money, more fun, more time, more Life - you'll find the deys to success and learn how to set goals to achieve it.


Carol Bom, CEOE

What Is Your Membership Mindset? - In this presentation, we will examine the definition of a fixed or a growth mindset and how it may affect the way we talk about, think about, or define our local, state, or national associations. In recent years, it seems that talk is centered around the lagging membership in our associations. Let's work together in this hands-on session to develop some strategies for membership growth.  

Shared Leadership: The Key to Association Success: Our educational office professional associations are important to us. Many people work together to make each association they belong to a successful one. Committee work is at the heart of our associations. Together we will examine leaders and followers and the way we work together for the betterment of our associations. Avoid being a martyr leader and the one who has "to do it all." Let's discover the deys to sharing leadership, delegating some tasks, building trust, and working together to help our associations flourish.


Lola Young, CEOE
Immediate Past President

Reflections of You! -  Everything you say or do is a reflection of you! In this workshop we will discuss the importance of first impressions, communications, networking, and teamwork. You will be provided with some thought-provoking ideas you can utilize in improving your reflection!

Caring Enough to Share! You care about your job, your co-workers, your organization, your friends, and your family, among other things and people.  In this highly interactive workshop we will discover and discuss the many ways we can demonstrate that we care enough to share in all of these areas.  Why, because caring enough to share, you’ll see, can make a difference for you and me!


Teresa Price, CEOE
Mid-Atlantic Area Director

Workplace Mentoring: Mentors can assist an employee in learning the job, developing social networks, and making maximum use of orientation training and professional development. Mentoring teaches skills that will last a lifetime and be useful in becoming an effective manager, team member, parent, and civic leader. Create professional growth environments for new office professionals grounded in the norms of continious inquiry, ongoing assessment, and problem-solving. Recognize and practice the attitudes, behaviors, and skills of effective mentors. Identify new office professionals' needs and modify support in response to those needs. Join me as we learn how to become an effective mentor or mentee.  

Do You Prezi? - Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. Join me as we get started with Prezi, go to the next level by using frames & grouping and share your Prezi with others. Once you have the skills to get started, you can host online meetings, collaborate online with others and publish your Prezis. Learn how to create a presume and prezify your powerpoints. The result is visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery!

How to Bring Stressbusters to Your Workplace: Stress can be a very strong presence in every work place. Deadlines, staff changes, new policies, etc. can make even the best employee or supervisor lose control. The only way to handle your workplace stressors is to find out how to eliminate, change, or react differently to them. We can help! The Stress Busters can help you organize a positivie and productive atmosphere. You can learn the skills you will need to start a stress buster group in your workplace, learn about some different fun activities, eliminate unwanted stressors, and create a happier workplace by increasing staff attendance and productivitiy. With this program in place, it will continue to grow and become more successful each year. Your supervisor will be grateful that this program can make the work place a productive and positive daily experience. Job satisfaction, happier employees, less complaints, and stability will be the result of the "New Workplace!" 


Wendy Heslink, CEOE
Northeast Area Director

The Power of a Positive Attitude:  Your attitude is your most priceless possession in the workplace.  This workshop will provide you with techniques for utilizing your own skills as a true office professional to improve yourself, and maybe even others in your work environment.  We will explore the magic of a positive attitude, the need for frequent attitude renewal and how to give your positive attitude to others.  While designed for office professionals, this workshop can be adapted to suit any school employee.

Your Journey to Professional Excellence: For this workshop I explain in detail each of the four key areas of excellence and leadership: attitude, time management, communication and professional development. We will discuss the importance of professional development for the educational office professional, how being a professional is an attitude, not a job description, how to identify and/or handle a communication crisis, and how to overcome time management obstacles with tips on how to go from chaos to control. After a presentation, the group will break into smaller groups and discuss various scenarios involving attitude, time management, communication and professional development in an educational office.   

PSP 101 - Let's Start at the Beginning: Are you interested in starting down the road to achieving your PSP certification? Have you watched other NAEOP members receive honors and applause from their peers before and now want to pursue your own PSP Certification? If so, you probably have a thousand questions, such as: Where do I start? What do all the acronyms mean? Option I or Option II? How long does it take? Is it worth it? Participating in this briefing will help you get started and answer most, if not all, of your questions. We will help you by answering your questions and explaining the program as you tke the first steps toward getting your PSP certification!


Susan Belliston, CEOE
Northwest Area Director

Doing More with Less:  As office professionals we are being asked to do more.  Learn how to organize and manage your time to get it all done.  Topics will include:  time management, using to-do lists and prioritizing. 

Telephone Etiquette: Telephone etiquette has been lost over the years with the development of technology. Do you need to teach students or others in your office proper telephone etiquette? This workshop will cover proper ways to answer office phone calls, placing calls on hold and taking messages.




Maryann Hollingsworth, CEOE
South Central Area Director

Is Yours Showing? - This is a presentation about our attitudes and how we see others' attitudes and how to deal with them. We will learn the effects a positive or negative attitude has on you as an individual and on others.  






Malinda Larey, CEOE
Southeast Area Director

Life is A Highway: Life is a highway - learn to follow the road to success. Discover how to recognize some of life's major roadblocks. Learn ways to deal with the potholes in both your personal and professional life. Sometimes you just need to slow down or maybe even slam on the brakes when things are happening around you.





Mary Meyers
Southwest Area Director

The Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace: The Attitude Virus can be anywhere and it can cause a lot of damage to a team's productivity. We examine the "Six Attitude Virus Carriers" in this presentation. The "Streamer", the "Perfectionist", the "Resister", the "Not-My-Job-er", the "Rumor Monger", and the "Uncommitted and Pessimist". Once we diagnose the virus, which can be difficult, as it affects us all differently, we can start working on the "cure". We then cover the steps to Curing the Attitude Virus. If time allows, role playing can be done.  

The Importance of Being a "Life-long Learner": We look at the various aspects of our lives and answer the questions of Why do I need to be a life-long learner?, Where can I go to learn?, Do I need to continue learning in other areas of my life other than work?, and How does being a life-long learner for my job help my personal life? The questions can be adjusted to fit the group. We divide into groups to discuss the questions. Each group is given on question to discuss and they write their main points on a chart. The groups will pick a spokesperson to come to the front with their main points and share them with the entire group.  


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