Elizabeth Napolitano, CEOE

Set Your Goals and Choose to be Successful: Believe that you can become successful by setting goals and you can do almost anything you set your mind to do.  Learn to set goals to go forward to achieve success in your future.  

Learn How to Develop your Personal and Professional Leadership Skills:  Are you a leader or a follower?  Learn what the differences are and how you can learn to develop your personal and professional leadership skills after you’ve learned to be a good follower.  The best leaders are often the ones with a wonderful group of enthusiastic followers.  These skills can be used in your personal life and at your place of employment.

When Generations Collide:  Office professionals work with all generations of people who include students, parents, grandparents and sometimes great-grandparents.  Every generation is raised with different moral values and disciplines.  We’ll take a look at what the differences are and how they affected the generations way of thinking and how we can learn to communicate more positively with all generations. 

Patricia Stelmach, CEOE
President Elect

Bloom Where You Are Planted: What do you have to offer that no one else does?  How can you use your attributes to achieve your dreams and be the best you can be?  It is all about planting the seeds, cultivating, and giving yourself the sunshine, water, and fertilizer to reach your full potential.  

Walk In My Shoes:  Sometimes we need to take walk in someone else’s shoes before we can understand and be empathetic toward them.  Why do some annoy and frustrate us while others do not?  How many times have you said, “If I were in her shoes I would…”  Are you sure about that?  What validates you?  What do you need to be happy?  What does it take for your bucket to be full?  Knowing yourself and recognizing your needs are crucial to being ready to walk in the shoes of someone else. 

Wendy Heslink, CEOE
Vice President

The Effective Educational Office Professional: As an educational office professional, you are much more than “just” a secretary.  The roles you play, the positions you hold and the work you do isn’t the same as they were 30, 20, or even 10 years ago.  Your image, your attitude, your skills, and how you handle time and change are watched, noticed and scrutinized every day.  This workshop will discuss many ways to keep effective and professional in your changing and challenging role as an educational office professional.

Shhhh…It’s Confidential:  School office employees are required to preserve the confidentiality of any and all records containing personally identifiable information.  Student and staff records are protected by many laws.  Not only are records confidential, but often times conversations among school employees (teaching and no-teaching) are, as well as some conversations with students.  However, how do you know when you can disclose information pertaining to staff or stud4ents?  How do you know when you can disclose information and when you cannot?  Why are not all staff qualified to talk with students regarding personal issues?  These topics and more will be covered in this workshop.

The Power of a Positive Attitude: Your attitude is your most priceless possession in the workplace.  This workshop will provide you with techniques for utilizing your own skills as a true office professional to improve yourself, and maybe even others in your work environment.  We will explore the magic of a positive attitude, the need for frequent attitude renewal and how to give your positive attitude to others. 

Carol Bom, CEOE

What Is Your Membership Mindset? - IHow do we look at our associations today?  Do we see only a struggling association with little hope?  Tired out long-term members that no longer want to volunteer?  How do we energize our local and state associations so that they become alive and vibrant?  Together, we will explore the definition of our “mindset” as defined in Carol Dweck’s best-selling book “Mindset.”  We will then examine our mindsets as it pertains to our personal, professional, and association lives.  A growth mindset leads to the desire to learn and therefore has a tendency to embrace change, persist in the face of setbacks, see effort as the path to mastery, learn from criticism and find lessons and inspiration in the success of others.  Let’s discover a higher level of achievement by discovering the keys to a growth mindset.  

Shared Leadership = Association Success:  Our educational office professional associations are important to us.  Many people work together to make each association they belong to a successful one.  Committee work is at the heart of our associations.  Together we will examine leaders and followers and the way we work together for the betterment of our associations.  Avoid being a martyr leader and the one who has “to do it all.”  Let’s discover the keys to sharing leadership, delegating some tasks, building trusts, and working together to help our associations flourish.. 

Cathy Eberle
Immediate Past President

A, B, C’s of Team Building:You care about your job, your co-workers, your organization, your friends, and your family, among other things and people.  In this highly interactive workshop we will discover and discuss the many ways we can demonstrate that we care enough to share in all of these areas.  Why, because caring enough to share, you’ll see, can make a difference for you and me! 



Susan Belliston, CEOE
Northwest Area Director

Organizational Skills and Time Management: As office professionals we are being asked to do more.  Learn how to organize and manage your time to get it all done.  Topics will include:  how to get organized, time management, using to-do lists and prioritizing tasks. 






Bonnie Miller, CEOE
Northeast Area Director/PSP Chairman

PSP – What’s in it for ME?:  Outline of the Professional Standards Program, including breakdown and guidance with various certificate level options, review of the application, including the CEOE distinction and re-certification.

Presentation can be designed to review program, question and answer session and time allotment for review of individual assistance of prepared DRAFT application at the conclusion of session.  Program would be designed based on attendees needs.  Needs of attendees would dictate time allotment and structure of program (i.e.: presentation/review of application).

Dante’s Devil – Break Free:  We want success, but then we get in our own way and success slips away from us. Over and over, we sabotage ourselves. How can we break free from the cycle? Based on a book written by Rev. Dr. David von Schlichten, D. Min., Ph.D., and his many years of experience as a pastor, teacher, writer, and father, this session provides a simple, basic, down-to-earth, inspiring and just plain common sense about how to break free from our self-made prisons. This session will provide a guide on how to obtain greater freedom, success, happiness and “what is really important – YOU!” 

As quoted by Dr. von Schlichten “Believe me, you will do yourself, your loved ones, and the world a favor if you take time to take care of yourself.  Dare to be a little-selfish and feel no guilt!”  Come join me as I guide you through ways to Break Free from self prisons!

To Do List - #1 – Take Care of S.E.L. F.:  According to a national survey on anxiety in the workplace, 79 percent of workers in the United States suffer from stress and anxiety daily. More than half reported that stress and anxiety most often affects their performance at work, relationships with coworkers, and their quality of work. 

We've all been stressed out at work or know someone that is. Whether it's the pressure to take on added responsibility and extra jobs, work long hours on a project that's due or a situation in our personal lives - we've all felt the weightiness of stress. We all need to find ways to reduce stress to maintain our health and so that the workplace can be more efficient and productive. This session will provide a framework useful in warding off the negative effects of chronic exposure to stress.

Malinda Larey, CEOE
Southeast Area Director

Life is a Highway:  Life is a highway - learn to follow the road to success.  Discover how to recognize some of life’s major roadblocks.  Learn ways to deal with the potholes in both your personal and professional life.  Sometimes you just need to slow down or maybe even slam on the brakes when things are happening around you.





Mary Meyers
Southwest Area Director

The Importance of Being a “life-Long Learner”: We look at the various aspects of our lives and answer the questions of Why do I need to be a life-long learner?, Where can I go to learn?, Do I need to continue learning in other areas of my life other than work?, and How does being a life-long learner for my job help my personal life? The questions can be adjusted to fit the group. We divide into groups to discuss the questions. Each group is given one question to discuss and they write their main points on a chart. The groups will pick a spokesperson to come to the front with their main points and share them with the entire group.

The Attitude Virus:  Curing Negativity in the Workplace:  The Attitude Virus can be anywhere and it can cause a lot of damage to a team’s productivity. We examine the “Six Attitude Virus Carriers”, in this presentation. The “Streamer”, the “Perfectionist”, the “Resister”, the “Not-My-Job-er”, the “Rumor Monger, and the “Uncommitted and Pessimist”. Once we diagnose the virus, which can be difficult, as it affects us all differently, we can start working on the “cure”. We then cover the steps to Curing the Attitude Virus. If time allows role playing can be done. 

MaryAnn Hollingsworth, CEOE
South Central Area Director

Is yours Showing:  Presentation contain a short questionnaire on what is your attitude, 7 basic rules for having a great attitude, speaking about the different attitudes and faces that we as individual project when our attitude takes over. How we can change our attitude for a healthier way of life.





Teresa Price, CEOE
Mid-Atlantic Area Director
Marketing Corporate Sponsorships Program Coordinator

Social Media 101: L90% of social media data has been created in the last two years.  89% of today’s consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions.  80% of LinkedIn members want to connect with companies.  Did you know Facebook has 50 million business pages?  Do you know what a hash tag is use for?

Social Media is a reality and there is no escaping it.  It is a spectators sport- everyone is watching your responses.  It is the fastest way to spread news that is content driven.  You will build connections and find influencers that can help you succeed in your careers.  But your time on social media needs to be well spent. Together we will explore some top social media platforms, gain knowledge on using social media properly, and learn to network with others in our field.  This three hour presentation concludes with a hands-on activity found on a popular social media platform.

Requirements: No computer experience needed.  Mobile devices are encouraged, but are not required.  

How to Prezi: Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas and the connections between them. 

Join me as we get started with Prezi, go to the next level by using frames & grouping and share your Prezi with others.  Once you have the skills to get started, you can host online meetings, collaborate online with others and publish your Prezis.  Learn how to create a presume and prezify your powerpoints.

The result is visually captivating presentations that lead your audience down a path of discovery!

REMEMBER: a contribution to NAEOP Field Service Program is required; please contact the National Office for additional information.