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Higher Education Council

“NAEOP Stars Coast to Coast”

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WELCOME to the NAEOP Higher Education Council website! I invite you to become a member of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals and the Higher Education Council, the only national professional association for educational office personnel. If you are new to our association, please take a moment to visit the entire NAEOP website. NAEOP has many wonderful opportunities to help you share your knowledge and grow your skills.

THEME: NAEOP President Cathy Eberle has selected “NAEOP Stars Coast to Coast” as her theme for 2013-2014. Cathy has challenged each member of NAEOP to practice and use the “4 Cs” – Communicate, Connect, Contact and Correspond in the upcoming year. The star is also a reminder of the path that Louise Henderson Nelson, founder of NAEOP, embarked upon as she networked from coast to coast sharing the words about the importance of school secretaries and the need for their own professional organization. As Higher Education Office professionals, we need to start spreading the NAEOP message and developing our true potential in the coming year.

Remember we are all shining stars!

MEMBERSHIP: As a current member of NAEOP, you are automatically a member of one of the six Councils: Elementary, Middle School/Junior High, High School/Career Technical Education, Administrative, State Department, and last, but certainly not least, Higher Education. When you join NAEOP, you have joined an outstanding group of dedicated educational professionals. All of the councils fall under the Membership Committee that is chaired by Vice President Patricia Stelmach, CEOE.

BENEFITS: NAEOP has many benefits to offer and I encourage you to take advantage of them.


•            The NES Connector, a quarterly magazine offering a variety of relevant articles. Three issues will be online only and the winter issue, with conference information, will be printed and mailed.

            •             Keeping Affiliates Active, a quarterly e-newsletter designed to keep affiliate leadership current. This is also posted on NAEOP’s website.

            •             NAEOP Higher Education Council Newsletter, an e-newsletter designed with a variety of information. If you have any ideas or suggestions for an article contact Gretchen Walker, Higher Education Council Chairman, at the email address listed below. We want to connect with you and share with you all that NAEOP has to offer.

Networking Opportunities:

            •             At the NAEOP Annual Conference, there is an opportunity for members of the Higher Education Council to come together for their own program. The Annual Conference and Institute will take place from Monday, July 21–Thursday, July 24, 2014. This will be a time where council members can take part in discussions, network, exchange ideas, share common concerns/goals and celebrate successes. Our council members represent almost every department or division that can be found on a college campus. We hope you will attend the 2014 council breakfast in Portland, Oregon ! If there is something special you would like as part of the program please contact Gretchen Walker, Higher Education Council Chairman.


            •           Email discussion group with opportunities to communicate with colleagues across the country.

            •           Encouraged to use listserv to ask specific questions and learn how other colleagues handle issues.

            •           Continue to grow in knowledge helping educational office professionals cope with rapidly changing work environments.

            •           Continue to provide life-long learning for all educational office professionals.

Higher Education:

            •           Submit articles and suggestions for the NAEOP Higher Education Council Newsletter.

            •           Serve on Higher Education Council Committee.

            •           Encourage Council members to network and give recognition in achievements.

            •           Promote the Professional Standards Program (PSP) to all members of NAEOP to continue to grow in knowledge and to provide life-long learning for all educational office professionals.

            •           Higher Education Council Members – you are the shining stars and can make a difference, so let’s get started!

QUESTIONS?? For more information about NAEOP or the Higher Education Council, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact me.

Gretchen D. Walker, CEOE
2013-2014 Higher Education Council Chairman

Address: Center for Great Plains Studies
             University of Nebraska-Lincoln
             1155 Q St
             Lincoln, NE 68588-0214

Work Phone:  402-472-0602 (CST)
Work FAX:     402-472-0463
Home Phone:  402-560-8801
Email:            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."

~B.B. King

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