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Middle School/Jr. High Council

Middle School/Jr. High Council

“NAEOP Stars Coast to Coast”


Greetings and welcome to the Middle School/Junior High Council website page! I am so glad you have come to view what the Middle/School Junior High has to share with you this year!  First I offer you the opportunity to become a member of our National Association of Educational Office Professional (NAEOP) and the Middle School Junior High Council as we are the only national educational office professional association. Take a moment to view our NAEOP website, you will see some wonderful opportunities for professional development, learn who your officers are and even find out the history of NAEOP.  There are also opportunities to network with other members who work in the same environment just like yours and mine.  You can share ideas with each other and by doing this you will find that it can be most helpful in our profession.  Membership: One very interesting and unique item for you to remember when you join NAEOP, you are automatically a member of a council!  I think this is great as we can unite and share with one another.  As council chairman I need you, I need your help and I solicit your ideas, concerns and any vital information that you would like for the council to know.  It will be awesome to know what your schools are doing; it will be even better if you can share them so that they can become a part of our bi-monthly newsletter!  I look forward to hearing from you from “Coast to Coast.” Theme: The theme for this year, given by our President Cathy Eberle, is “NAEOP Stars Coast to Coast”.  President Eberle believes that we are stars and our light shines from “Coast to Coast”.  She has given us the 4Cs.  The 4Cs are Communicate, Connect, Contact and Correspond.  These are all action words and when we use them we have to accomplish something.  Whether it is communicating with you through email, telephone or through snail mail, we will accomplish communication.  Then there is connecting if we are connecting we have made an attempt to touch you and make something happen and a change takes place.  Next is contact, in contact there is an exchange of words, phrases and clauses.  Lastly, we correspond.  In corresponding we are able to have a discussion on a particular subject.  So, take some time to correspond with your council chairman because I look forward to working with you this year!

Annual Conference Each year we have an NAEOP conference and this is a chance where we can all meet and actually see who we are all networking with throughout the year.   We will have a time together during the conference to have discussions, share ideas and share concerns, make goals and even hear some accomplishments that you may have encountered throughout the year. In July, 2014, the NAEOP Annual Conference will be in Portland, Oregon!  I hope you can attend. Please send an email to me if you have a suggestion for something to share during our council time together. I am already excited to see  you, so I hope that you can attend! I encourage and welcome you to volunteer your talents such as writing, sharing your experiences, ideas and suggestions. Please make sure that your information is updated, your emails, work/ home, as well as, phone numbers so that I can communicate, connect, contact and correspond with you! Questions:  If you are interested and if you have a question about NAEOP or the Middle School/Junior High Education Council, please contact me.  There is some much that NAEOP offers, so take a moment to “shine” through surfing our website as we go “Coast to Coast” together!

Angela McDowell, CEOE 2013-2014 Middle School/Junior High Council Chairman                          

Longleaf Middle School 1160 Longreen Parkway

Columbia, SC 29229-8189      

Work Phone: 803-691-4870 ext. 31502

Work FAX: 803-691-4043


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