Middle School/Jr. High Council

"Navigate You Way to Success!"


Up, up and away!  Greetings from the Middle School/Jr. High Council Chairman!  We are ready to set sail on another voyage this year as we navigate through the NAEOP journey of possibilities.  You have come to the right place to gain information on the places you will go with NAEOP! You have taken the time to invest in yourself and what better way of doing that than to join this association. 

First of all, as a member, you will reap the benefits of networking with others from around the world as well as receive quarterly magazines, NES Connector (a magazine that is for the people of NAEOP and by the people of NAEOP) and also receive the quarterly Keeping Affiliates Active Newsletter (a magazine that highlights all the affiliates of NAEOP).  You even have a chance to attend annual conferences where you will develop professionally through an Institute Training and Class Sessions to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings in the educational world of support staff.  This year’s conference will be in Buffalo, New York; and if it is going to be anything like our last conference in Portland, Oregon, you can look for an action-packed week of movement, involvement and engagement.

Being a member of NAEOP, you have the opportunity to apply for the scholarships available for members, member dependents and/or special needs students.  You can even be recognized by the association should you enter and win the Olive T. Richie Educational Office Professional of the Year Award, a very prestigious award that highlights the hard work and determination that a member puts forth throughout the year.  With NAEOP we take pride in knowing that we are the best of the best.  We meet different lives daily and we have a chance to change those lives by something we may say or do.  What we do makes a difference and NAEOP knows this to be true.  NAEOP even recognizes the Administrators that we so diligently work with and serve on a daily basis.  We showcase them at our Awards banquet during our National conference and we make them feel special and appreciated.

Our theme this year chosen by our national President Betty Napolitano is “Navigate Your Way to Success”.  This is such a fitting theme for the year because it is time that you took control of the wheel and you can begin to set sail for some attainable goals that you have been putting on the back burner.  You are in control, you are the navigator of your ship and only you can move forward for Y-O-U.

So make the decision to join a group of highly professionals who see the worth in you and through your commitment and determination will soon “Navigate Your Way to Success!”

For more information about NAEOP or the Middle School/Jr. High Council, or if you have questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Please take a moment to view the flyer attached for more detailed information regarding membership. 

14-15 Membership Flyer 2.pdf

Angela McDowell, CEOE
Middle School/Junior High Council Chairman
Longleaf Middle School
1160 Longreen Parkway
Columbia, SC  29229-8189
Work Phone:  803-691-4870 ext. 31502
Work Fax     : 803-691-4043
Email: AMcDowel@richland2.org