State Department Council

Welcome to the State Department Council page! I invite you to become a member of the National Association of Educational Office Professionals and the State Department Council, the only national professional association for educational office personnel.  As an “active” member of NAEOP you will reap the many membership benefits from networking with fellow State Department of Education office professionals, sharing job experiences and offering ideas and suggestions.

Did you know?

  • When you are employed in a State Department of Education and join NAEOP you are automatically a member of the State Department Council.
  • At every NAEOP Annual Conference there is a council breakfast/meeting where council members network, exchange ideas, and share common concerns/goals.  Come and join us July 22-25, 2015 in Buffalo, New York.
  • As a State Department Council member you receive State Department Council communications, as well as the NES Connector magazine.
  • Our council members represent just about every level of NAEOP service.
  • We are a small by mighty group, with only 15 current members representing six states (6) (see chart below).  

Council states currently represented and member count:

Delaware (1)

Kansas (3)

Mississippi (1)

Nebraska (7)

New Hampshire (1)

Virginia (2)


President Elizabeth Napolitano’s theme “Navigate Your Way to Success with NAEOP” encourages members to continue to spread the good news about NAEOP membership and to promote the four points of our national association—Information, Service, Recognition, and Fellowship – aswe continue to grow both professionally and personally.  If you have questions or would like further information, please contact: 


Theresa Cote¢

2014-2015 State Department Council Chairman

4584 Clark Road

Meriden, KS  66512

(785) 296-2303 – Work

(785) 640-2171 – Cell