Patricia Stelmach, CEOE

Patricia Stelmach

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be - What do you have to offer that no one else does? How can you use your attributes to achieve your dreams and be the best you can be?

Instructions Not Included - How many times have you attempted a task not really knowing what is expected or the instructions weren’t clear? How about that doll house or the bookcase that just doesn’t have good instructions? We will talk about what to do when and how to give better instructions to someone.

Walk in My Shoes - Sometimes we need to walk in someone else’s shoes before we can understand and be empathetic toward them. How many times have you said, “If I were in her shoes I would…” Are you sure? What validates you? What does it take for your bucket to be full Knowing yourself and recognizing your needs are crucial to being ready to walk in the shoes of someone else.

Do You Have the Right Shoes for the Job? - Wrong size? Right color? Are you “Negative Nancy” or “Positive Polly?” Maybe you are a combination of these and more. How can we make your workplace more positive?

Wendy Heslink, CEOE

Wendy Heslink

The Power of a Positive Attitude - Your attitude is your most priceless possession in the workplace. This workshop will provide you with techniques for utilizing your own skills as a true office professional to improve yourself, and maybe even others in your work environment. We will explore the magic of a positive attitude, the need for frequent attitude renewal and how to give your positive attitude to others.

YOU Make a Difference - Do you have pride in your work? Do you feel appreciated? Do you handle all situations in your office well? If you answer “no” to any of these, this workshop is for you. We will talk about how to take pride in your work, the power of teamwork, how to feel appreciated (and show appreciation), and how to understand difficult people - all in an effort to help you realize you really DO make a difference in your office environment. There is no unimportant job in any school building. Every job matters, so you have to be armed and ready to show what you do and can do to make yours matter even more.

Change is the Opportunity for Growth - Did you ever notice how some people seem to embrace change, but others drag their feet? Some people thrive on it, others dread it. There have been many changes in how educational offices operate over the last 20, 10 even five years. How did you deal with those changes? This workshop looks back on some of the changes educational office environments have undergone, as well as changes in our society and highlights a few tips on how to stay ahead of the change process.

Lisa Morehouse, CEOE
Vice President

Lisa Morehouse

The Phoenix: Rising from the Ashes - The myth of the Phoenix, a mythical Arabian bird that lived for centuries, is that it dies and rises from its own ashes. Is it possible for institutions, associations or even individuals to rise where they have fallen? In this session, we are going to use the fabulous think tank of the NAEOP membership---each of you---and ask that question of ourselves and our associations. Am I hearing the infamous WIIFM question? Are you asking, "What's in it for me”? In this fast paced, interactive session, you will discover tools needed to strengthen your foundation as you develop an action plan of change and opportunity that will help you identify your strengths, as an office professional and as an individual.

The PSP Puzzle - NAEOP offers members the opportunity to develop professional skills and grow as leaders through a prescribed regime of experience, education, in-service and association responsibility requirements with the Professional Standards Program (PSP). When you choose to pursue your PSP certification you are making a statement that professional development is important to you, both professionally and personally.

In the beginning, achieving PSP certification may seem like a daunting process and a bit confusing. This workshop will break down the program for you and by taking it a piece at a time you will be able to complete your PSP Puzzle.

Connect! Join! Thrive! It’s What We Do! It’s common knowledge that many organizations are experiencing a decrease in membership. In this session, we will use the fabulous think tank comprised of NAEOP members like yourself to brainstorm and discover ways to strengthen the foundation of our local, state and national associations to increase membership. We will share, listen, reach out, tweak, pull and encourage each other. We will dig deep and work hard to connect! We will answer the WIIFM question—What’s In It For me? Throughout this fast paced, interactive session, we will discover the creativity and enthusiasm needed to help us grow our membership base one member at a time. We will re-discover the passion and excitement of our initial involvement in these associations. Working together we will develop an action plan of change! We will Connect! We will Join! We will THRIVE! After all, “IT’S WHAT WE DO!”.

Katherine Reichly

Katherine Reichley

Electronic Portfolios Move Beyond the Classroom - Electronic portfolios are regularly used to showcase student work and encourage reflection across time. More recently they are making their way to other aspects of school life. Explore how electronic portfolios can enhance the administrative side of your school. Options include documentation of committee meetings, unit assessments, presentations to external audiences, and dialogues on important issues. Time can be spent looking at some tools as well as their different uses.

The Results Are In - Now What? Surveys are used by many organizations to gather information and take the pulse of a group. Learn some basic tips to create a useful survey. More importantly, learn how to interpret survey results and develop appropriate next steps. Planning for the future after a review of what you learned from your survey demonstrates an ability to use data to make “thoughtful” decisions and your willingness to improve your school.

Tell Your Work Story: Toot Your School’s Horn - What seems normal routine and even mundane at your school could very well be innovative and creative to the school in the next town. But, how would they know the wisdom you have to share unless you find ways to tell your story. Learn useful techniques to communicate your story and convey your knowledge to others. Identify items worth sharing and start blowing your school’s horn.

Elizabeth Napolitano, CEOE
Immediate Past President

Elizabeth Napolitano

When Generations Collide and How to Communicate with Them - Office professionals work with all generations of people who include students, parents, grandparents and sometimes great-grandparents. Every generation is raised with different moral values and disciplines. We’ll take a look at what the differences are and how they affect the generations way of thinking and how we can learn to communicate more positively with all generations.

Set Your Goals and Choose to be Successful - Believe that you can become successful by setting goals and you can do almost anything you set your mind to do. Learn to set goals to go forward to achieve success in your future.

Learn How to Develop Your Personal and Professional Leadership Skills - Are you a leader or a follower? Learn what the differences are and how you can learn to develop your personal and professional leadership skills. The best leaders are often the ones with a wonderful group of enthusiastic followers. These skills can be used in your personal life and at your place of employment.

Jill Averyhart, CEOE
Mid-Atlantic Area Director

Jill Averyhart

We’re In the Band! - We’re In the Band is a session that illustrates how customer service and teamwork are critical to a band’s success and how the band’s approach to their audience and one another parallels customer service and teamwork in our jobs as educational office professionals. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: List the five elements of a Standing Ovation; Explain how customer service and teamwork are related; Describe what those five elements look like in our business; and Identify specifically what they will do to earn a Standing Ovation when they return to their jobs.

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? This is an engaging session that illustrates when you put your uniqueness into action with a positive attitude, great things happen. The session highlights 4 key points to provide memorable experiences and great customer service: Be Creative; Remember What Is Important; Go Above and Beyond; and Have Fun.

Mission Possible - Learn how to create a website blueprint using Google Sites to kick start your association’s online presence and how to collaborate and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in Google Docs. Please note participants will need to create a Gmail account and the classroom will require Internet access.

Mary Guest, CEOE
North Central Area Director

Mary Guest

Another Meeting? Please Don’t Waste My Time - Learn to facilitate effective meetings through process and people management. This session will give you the tools to chair meetings with confidence. At the completion of this session, you will know how to structure your meetings to honor the time and energy of your members.

Leadership or Followership - Which Is It? In recent years, leadership has been defined by many as a relationship of influence. To have a relationship, there must be at least two parties involved, in this case, leaders and followers. Leaders cannot lead if no one is following. For this to be a successful relationship, influences must be multidirectional, not just top-down. In this session, you will discover what type of follower you are, and how important your influence is as a member. The power of your influence can determine the success, or failure, of your team or organization.

SOUP Recipe for Success - Using the principles of “SOUP,” learn about culture and building teams. Focus your energy on creating engaged relationships to empower your members and build a strong organization. Not unlike making a good pot of soup, building a good organization also takes many different ingredients (members). Reading Jon Gordon’s book, “Soup,” prior to attending this session is recommended, but not required.

Bonnie Miller, CEOE
Northeast Area Director

Bonnie Miller

Dante’s Devil - Break Free - We want success, but then we get in our own way and success slips away from us. Over and over, we sabotage ourselves. How can we break free from the cycle? Based on a book written by Rev. Dr. David von Schlichten, D. Min., Ph.D., and his many years of experience as a pastor, teacher, writer, and father, this session provides a simple, basic, down-to-earth, inspiring and just plain common sense about how to break free from our self-made prisons. This session will provide a guide on how to obtain greater freedom, success, happiness and “what is really important – YOU!” As quoted by Dr. von Schlichten “Believe me, you will do yourself, your loved ones, and the world a favor if you take time to take care of yourself. Dare to be a little-selfish and feel no guilt!” Come join me as I guide you through ways to Break Free from self prisons!

To Do List - #1 - Take Care of S.E.L.F. - According to a national survey on anxiety in the workplace, 79 percent of workers in the United States suffer from stress and anxiety daily. More than half reported that stress and anxiety most often affects their performance at work, relationships with coworkers, and their quality of work. We've all been stressed out at work or know someone that is. Whether it's the pressure to take on added responsibility and extra jobs, work long hours on a project that's due or a situation in our personal lives - we've all felt the weightiness of stress. We all need to find ways to reduce stress to maintain our health and so that the workplace can be more efficient and productive. This session will provide a framework useful in warding off the negative effects of chronic exposure to stress. Participants will be provided will useful tools and resources such as the S.E.L.F. Structure, Safety Plan and Personal Care Plan.

PSP - What’s in it For Me? Outline of the Professional Standards Program, including break down and guidance with various certificate level options, review of the application, including the CEOE distinction and recertification. Presentation can be designed to review program, question and answer session and time allotment for review of individual assistance of prepared DRAFT application at the conclusion of session. Program would be designed based on attendees needs. Needs of attendees would dictate time allotment and structure of program (ie: presentation/review of application).

Susan Belliston, CEOE
Northwest Area Director

Susan Belliston

Telephone Etiquette - In this day and age of cell phones, telephone etiquette can be a lost art. This workshop will be a good reminder of telephone procedures that should be followed and give you tips on how to train your office aides the proper way to answer a phone.

Organizational Skills and Time Management - As office professionals we are being asked to do more. Learn how to organize and manage your time to get it all done. Topics will include: how to get organized, time management, using to-do lists and prioritizing tasks.




Debbie McFadden, CEOE
South Central Area Director

Debbie McFadden

What Does Your Office Etiquette Say About You? Putting your best foot forward in the office to be the professionals we are. We will discuss office do’s and don’ts of dress attire, emails, phones, and much more.

Building a Successful Team for Your Office - Tips on what makes a successful team and how to pick your team members.




Malinda Larey, CEOE
Southeast Area Director

Malinda Larey

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down - Stress can lead to heart attacks, panic attacks, and many other common health issues. Sometimes, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders – it’s time to let some of it go. . Learn to deal with stress through simple methods of relaxation and stress busting activities. Work on ways to prioritize to alleviate some of the stress of everyday life. Discover the joy in life.

Life is a Highway - Life’s journey is full of twists and turns. Discover how to recognize some of life’s major roadblocks. Learn ways to deal with the potholes in both your personal and professional life. Sometimes you just need to slow down or maybe even slam on the brakes when things are happening around you. Adapt to make the most of what life throws at you. Is it always better to take the smooth lane or should you try the backroads? Imagine traveling the road of life with a better outlook and a willingness to embrace the twists and turns.

Mary Meyers
Southwest Area Director

Mary Meyers

The Attitude Virus: Curing Negativity in the Workplace - The Attitude Virus can be anywhere and it can cause a lot of damage to a team’s productivity. We examine the “Six Attitude Virus Carriers”, in this presentation. The “Streamer,” the “Perfectionist,” the “Resister,” the “Not-My-Job-er,” the “Rumor Monger,” and the “Uncommitted and Pessimist.” Once we diagnose the virus, which can be difficult as it affects us all differently, we can start working on the “cure.” We then cover the steps to curing the attitude virus. If time allows role playing can be done.

The Importance of Being a Life-Long Learner - We look at the various aspects of our lives and answer the questions of: Why do I need to be a life-long learner? Where can I go to learn? Do I need to continue to learning in other areas of my life other than work and why? How does being a life-long learner for my job help my personal life? The questions can be adjusted to fit the group. We divide into groups to discuss the questions. Each group is given one question to discuss and they write their main points on the chart. A spokesperson for the group comes to the front to present their ideas.