Susan Belliston, CEOE

Service with a Smile - In our school offices we communicate through many avenues: in person, on the phone and the written word. The way we greet and fulfill daily service requests can and will impact outcomes either in a positive or negative way. In this presentation we will explore various ways, both orally and in written format, that will help you deliver excellent customer service.

Internet Safety -- Internet safety is becoming more important to each of us individually at home and in our workplace. We will discuss various safety practices and resources for safety while using the internet and email.

Jill Averyhart, CEOE
President Elect

Aspiring Leaders - What is being in an AEOP leadership position all about? Maybe you think you don't have the time to run for an elected or appointed position in your association(s) right now. Maybe you want to know the responsibilities of a position before speaking up and throwing your hat into the ring. Come join us for an interactive workshop to discuss strategic planning, communication, creative problem solving and leadership aspirations.

Get a Clue - Everyone has something to contribute to a discussion. This fun, hands-on, interactive workshop will utilize all your many talents to help solve a murder mystery. You will identify the victim, the murder weapon, the time and place of the murder, the murderer and the motive. This is a great team building exercise.

Infographics for Everyone! - Did you know 70% of all your sensory receptors are in your eye? People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read and a whopping 80% of what they see and do! This is why infographics can be a great tool for everyone. They are easy to digest, fun to share and extremely engaging. Find out how you can use Infographics.

Mission Possible - Learn how to create a website using Google Sites. What’s so great about Google Sites? It is a fun, free, and easy-to-use tool. There’s no coding knowledge needed, it has embedded themes and gadgets, and you can collaborate while easily integrating Google-created documents, forms, slides, and sheets.

Mary Guest, CEOE
Vice President

Another Meeting?  Please don’t waste my time!  - Learn to facilitate effective meetings through process and people management. This session will give you the tools to chair meetings with confidence. Learn the 7 basic motions that will get you through 99% of your meetings. At the completion of this session, you will know how to structure your meetings to honor the time and energy of your  members.

Emotional Intelligence = Success -What is that one intangible thing that can help you be successful in both your professional and personal relationships? Most likely, it is emotional intelligence. This session will define E.I., examine the four abilities that constitute E.I., and help you understand how you can improve your E.I. and become a star performer. It isn't so much your I.Q. that makes you successful, but it's y our E.Q.!

Leadership or Followership – Which is it?  - In recent years, leadership has been defined by many as a relationship of influence. To have a relationship, there must be at least two parties involved, in this case, leaders and followers. Leaders cannot lead if no one is following. In this session, you will discover what type of follower you are, and how important your influence is as a member. The power of your influence can determine the success, or failure, of your team or organization.

The Power of One - One moment. One member. One leader. Any of these has the potential to influence and effect change. This session will help you identify the impact of moments in our lives, how to make sure we don't miss these moments, and how the awareness of moments translates into leadership.

Katherine Reichley, CEOE

Transitions:  Are You Prepared? - Everyone experiences transitions on a regular basis in their work, family, and all other aspects of life.  Hardly a day goes by that is just like the one before it especially in the school setting.  Change is presented by our environment, our associates, and ourselves.  Adjustments and modifications impact us in a range of positive to negative ways.  No matter the type of transition, cause, purpose, or anticipated impact, we all go through them.  In this workshop we will talk about the steps humans go through during typical transitions and ways we can be better prepared to come out on the other side.  We will also touch on ways to support one another.

How to Write Survey Questions & Interpret Them - Surveys are a tool used on a regular basis to gather information from people about their opinions, experiences, and even plans for the future.  Crafting a useful survey can be difficult.  In this workshop you will learn how to write survey questions in a way that improves your ability to gather useful information from which you can make decisions.  We will look at the format of questions (multiple choice, short answer, etc.) as well as their content.  We will touch on ways to conduct surveys and collect the data.

Lisa Morehouse, CEOE
Immediate Past President

Believe in the Magic – Santa Claus and the Office Professional! - What in the world does an office professional and Santa Claus have in common? To start with, it’s a proven fact that we both have one of the toughest jobs in the world! We deal with all ages of people. Each wanting something different. We deal with weather, delivery of packages and deadlines. Sometimes our jobs seem impossible! Sometimes we wonder how we will ever get it all done! Join me as we take a peek into the magical world of Santa Claus – and see how we can tackle our jobs as office professionals and deliver our best! By the end of the workshop, you will “Believe in the Magic” you hold inside you!

Connect! Join! Thrive! It’s What We Do! – It’s common knowledge that many organizations are experiencing a decrease in involvement and membership. In this session, we will strain our brains to discover ways to strengthen our associations through membership retention and recruitment. We will dig deep and work hard to connect! We will reach, tweak, pull and encourage each other to join in! Throughout this fast paced, interactive session, we will discover the creativity and enthusiasm needed to help us grow our membership base one member at a time. We will re-discover the passion and excitement of our initial involvement in our associations. Working together we will develop an action plan of change! By the end of the session: We will Connect! We will Join! We will Thrive! “IT’S WHAT WE DO!”

The PSP Puzzle – Professional Standards Certification – NAEOP offers members the opportunity to develop professional skills and grow as leaders through a prescribed regime of experience, education, in-service and association responsibility requirements. Putting all these pieces together is truly a puzzle we can help you with! When you choose to pursue your PSP certification you are making a statement that professional development is important to you, both professionally and personally. Join me as we sort the pieces, line up the edges, fill in the middle and piece together the PSP Puzzle of Professional Certification!

The Phoenix: Rising From the Ashes – The myth of the Phoenix, an Arabian bird that lives for centuries, is that it dies and rises from its own ashes to come back and do better than before. Is it possible for institutions, associations and most importantly, individuals to rise beyond where they are? Can we pick ourselves up and start anew? Join me for an interactive conversation to reenergize and motivate each other as we strive to offer our very best, day in and day out!

 Vickie Eaves, CEOE
Southeast Area Director

What is EOP? - We will look at the meaning and various aspects of what is EOP. Are we an EOP? Do we make the difference as an EOP? After this presentation hopefully, you will have the answers to the questions.

Sue Hand, CEOE
South Central Area Director

Change is Good...You Go First - Mindset controls everything. Do you have the Right Attitude essential to successful change?

Dena Henricks, CEOE
North Central Area Director

Mindsets: Growth vs. Fixed - We will discuss the differences between growth and fixed mindsets and how that affects who we are today. We all have a little of both mindsets and we will explore how each one plays a role in our personal and professional lives.

Teresa Himmelberger, CEOE
Southwest Area Director

Bridging the Communication Gap - As you begin a new position, or transition to a new one, what are some of the most important things you can do to start the job off right? It seems like such a simple question with a very simple answer. Sadly, communication can break down from the very beginning if you do not have a list of items or information to talk about. Let's explore what an important list would look like.

Paula Rosenberger, CEOE
Mid Atlantic Area Director

Google Everywhere - It’s time to get moving with Google ... Mail, Forms, Docs, Sheets, etc. During this briefing, we will discuss the great things offered through Google Mail, Google Forms, and Google Docs.

 Eldene Wall, CEOE
Northwest Area Director

Roadsigns of Life - Some of the signs along the Road of Life that will lead to caution/progress.  

Give’em the Pickle - How to provide outstanding customer service.

 Ignite the Fire in You -How to live a fulfilled life and inspire others. 

Bonnie Miller, CEOE
Northeast Area Director

Time Saving Tips – Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook - Who doesn’t want to be efficient and develop a stylish document? Ever wonder what all those “paste” options really do in Microsoft Word? Curious why your exported Excel document formulas are not converting properly? Do you have standing meetings and are not able to schedule them with the reoccurring feature in Outlook, because they are not in a sequential order? Frustrated and tired of scheduling them one at a time? Than this session is for you. During this session, you will be provided with instructions and guidance on many helpful hints to enable you to edit documents quickly, update formulas in a jiff and schedule meetings in a flash.
Quick reference handouts provided during this session. Computers are recommended for attendees, but not mandatory.

To Do List - #1 – Take Care of S.E.L.F. - According to a national survey on anxiety in the workplace, 79 percent of workers in the United States suffer from stress and anxiety daily. More than half reported that stress and anxiety most often affects their performance at work, relationships with coworkers, and their quality of work.
We've all been stressed out at work or know someone that is. Whether it's the pressure to take on added responsibility and extra jobs, work long hours on a project that's due or a situation in our personal lives - we've all felt the weightiness of stress. We all need to find ways to reduce stress to maintain our health, so the workplace can be more efficient and productive. This session will provide a framework useful in warding off the negative effects of chronic exposure to stress.
Participants will be provided with useful tools and resources such as the S.E.L.F. Structure, Safety Plan and Personal Care Plan.

Dante’s Devil – Break Free - We want success, but then we get in our own way and success slips away from us. Over and over, we sabotage ourselves. How can we break free from the cycle? Based on a book written by Rev. Dr. David von Schlichten, D. Min., Ph.D., and his many years of experience as a pastor, teacher, writer, and father, this session provides a simple, basic, down-to-earth, inspiring and just plain common sense about how to break free from our self-made prisons. This session will provide a guide on how to obtain greater freedom, success, happiness and “what is really important – YOU!”
As quoted by Dr. von Schlichten “Believe me, you will do yourself, your loved ones, and the world a favor if you take time to take care of yourself. Dare to be a little-selfish and feel no guilt!” Come join me as I guide you through ways to Break Free from self prisons!

Pam Sherts, CEOE
Education Partners Council Chairman

The Power of Positivity in the Workplace - Taking an active role to encourage a more positive workplace can prove to be a worthy investment of time and energy. Keep in mind it only requires a single person to provide the "spark" to start the movement toward change within your environment. This workshop addresses how you can be the catalyst for change in your educational organization.

Louise Snipes, CEOE
Middle School/Jr. High Council Chairman

The Notebook – This session explores the steps it takes to make a good Administrative Procedures notebook, how to create one and how to use it to support your organizational learning and knowledge management. 

Georgette Council, CEOE
Administrative Council Chairman

The Winds of Change - Accepting that change is inevitable is one of the first steps to daily happiness.  Acceptance, combined with a positive attitude, make change and transition easier to deal with. There are many opportunities that present themselves as a result of changes in our lives.  Finding that opportunity amongst the challenge is the key. In this session you will learn how to consciously embrace change.

Effective Gatekeeping for the Office Professional - This presentation provides useful information for office professionals who serve as gatekeepers for their supervisors. Information on effective and efficient ways to protect the time and reputation of the supervisor will be shared. Attendees will come away with tools and resources for building appropriate relationships based on mutual respect and trust and will have the opportunity to share best practices for serving on the "front lines."