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• Volunteer to be on a standing committee by contacting the chairman.
• Enroll in the Professional Standards Program and earn your certification.
• Nominate members and administrators for awards (located in Members Area).

• Encourage dependents to apply for scholarships (located in Members Area).
• Apply for scholarships (located in Members Area) to help with your education expenses.
• Enroll in the NAEOP webinar series.
• Volunteer to be a webinar presenter.
• Present a Tuesday’s Tip.
• Join and be active in your local or state association.
• Check out the professional development opportunities that are available for affiliates. At a reasonable cost, national speakers can provide professional development to your local and/or state affiliate.
• Read the minutes of the NAEOP Board of Directors meetings and annual conference in the members section of the NAEOP website.
• Read the advisory council booklet and contact your affiliate delegate, area director, council chairman, or other board member to share your thoughts on the agenda items.
• Reach out to your area director, council chairman, or any member of the NAEOP board at any time if you have questions or suggestions.

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