New NAEOP Membership Form ~ Click Here for a fillable PDF Membership Form

All membership payments paid by credit/debit card are subject to a $5 convenience fee. This fee will automatically be added to the payment transaction.

Continuing membership ensures that every member of NAEOP receives one full year of membership services and benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you will receive by joining NAEOP:

• Professional Standards Program (PSP)
• Reduced Conference Registration Fee
• Professional Development opportunities
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Webinars
• $40,000 Group Term Life Insurance (no cost for 2 years for qualifying new members only)
• Professional Liability Insurance discounts
• Private Practice Professional Insurance discounts
• TIE Health Insurance Exchange
• Educators Dental Plan
• Other Group Insurance discounts offered all through Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc
• GEICO auto discounts for members in most states
• NAEOP Professional Publications
• Awards Program/recognition
• Student Scholarship Programs
• Networking through social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter
• Networking – work and career related information for individual members and affiliated associations
• Professional Development Program – available to affiliated association and other organizations
• NAEOP Merchandise/Jewelry
• Recognition of achievements at Conferences
• Member’s Only access to free publications, area and state newsletters, etc.
• Online conference registration
• Online membership renewal
• Member online directory search

Membership Councils

Higher Education Council information

Middle School/Jr. High Council information

Administrative Council information

Education Partners Council Information

Elementary Council information

High School/Career & Technical Education Council information

Membership Dues


Active Membership - $50 per year
Open to all educational office personnel employed in any educational system or organization related to education. Members are eligible to vote on association business, serve on committees and hold office.

Retired Membership - $30 per year
Open to individuals who were active members and have retired from their educational systems. Membership includes an annual subscription to the BEAM (newsletter for retired members). Retired members shall have the privilege of voting and may serve on committees.

Associate Membership - $50 per year
Open to all persons not eligible for active membership. Associate members have all rights and privileges of active membership except those of voting and holding office.

Institutional Membership - $85 per year
Open to educational institutions. The institutions shall receive notices of all meetings and conferences. A non-voting representative for the institution is encouraged to attend conferences at active membership rates.

Corporate Membership - $85 per year
Open to all businesses and corporations endorsing the objectives of the association. The corporation or business member shall be eligible to send a non-voting representative to meetings, conferences, and institutes at the same registration fee as that charged to active members.