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NAEOP Tag Line
Did you know NAEOP has a tag line? It’s part of our Mission Statement. “Our mission is to provide professional growth through leadership, education, achievement, recognition, and networking opportunities for educational office professionals.” L.E.A.R.N.

Why You Should Join NAEOP 
Employers look favorably upon individuals who participate in professional organizations because it shows you are committed to your career. Most likely your administrators belong to professional associations and know the value of such organizations. The same is true for NAEOP – it provides a long-term benefit of keeping you educated and current in your field. By joining NAEOP you automatically increase your visibility in the profession, develop new relationships and contacts, enhance your resume, and develop new skills. The cost to join NAEOP is minimal - $50 a year. Aren’t you worth it? Don’t think of it as an expenditure, but rather as an investment with an immeasurable return!

Joining NAEOP will result in:
LEADERSHIP opportunities and an increase in your presentation skills. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you embrace challenges to grow and thrive. Get involved and volunteer for a committee or a board position.
EDUCATION opportunities to continually improve in your ever-changing career. Participate in the webinars and other professional development offered by NAEOP.
• Ever-higher levels of ACHIEVEMENT. Enroll in the Professional Standards Program, a national certification program for educational office professionals. Assistance with obtaining national certification is available through your local, state, and national associations.
RECOGNITION opportunities for you and your colleagues. NAEOP offers numerous awards and scholarships for its members and affiliates. Attend the annual awards banquet and find inspiration in the success of others.
NETWORKING and collaboration opportunities with other educational office professionals – people who “get it.” Affiliate with NAEOP through your local and state associations and widen your networking opportunities even more.

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