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Are you thinking of attending one of the many fall conferences being offered by NAEOP areas and affiliates? One of the reasons people attend a conference is for the networking opportunities. Check out the networking strategies below.
• Here are some suggested conversation starters while networking: 1) Ask for opinions. People love to share their opinions. 2) Comment on the conference event. Find an interesting tidbit you learned in a presentation and comment on it. 3) Use people’s name tags. It provides useful information about the person.
• Speaking of name tags, when you are at a business event, pin your name tag near your right shoulder. The reason is as you extend your hand in greeting, the gaze of the person you are meeting can easily follow your extended arm back to the name tag.
• When you attend an event bring business cards. Practice introducing yourself in one sentence. You are going to be meeting a lot of new people and you want your introduction to be polished and professional. Introduce yourself to those sitting around you, hand them your business card, and ask for their business card.

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